Chamomile Flowers

A glaze of grapefuit and cognac overtones mingle with the floral, balsamic, wood notes of Indian Champaca Flower, Linden blossom, Tonka bean, Australian sandalwood, Bigarade Neroli and sacred Salvia apiana Sage — in a gorgeous backdrop of raw Chamomile Flower extract.


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We’ll always have Paris, but here’s to three new and wholly unexpected hotbeds of Modern perfume creation. Meet the new fragrance Capitals…

Put nothing on your skin but the pure, raw extract of California botanicals

Ojai Wild is the fresh, pure extract of botanicals, resins and woods sourced by hand in California and extracted through a 17th–Century tincture process. Whether ethically-harvested or grown on our farm in the Ojai Valley, the plants are crushed, pressed and soaked, releasing the unadulterated and undiluted bloom.

And that’s it.

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