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All you need is, Rose Love.

Sunshine, water and air elicit the buttery, shimmering quality
of our newest cologne.

Rose Love
...is a fragrant painting of fresh green notes of our farm grown roses and their petitgrain married with galbanum, champa, aged Indian sandalwood, jasmine sambac and sacred frankincense.


“We nurture the land and the land gives back to us in ways that leave us speechless –– absolutely unique to Ojai Wild. These velvet pink blooms are a fragrant blush of love.”

Janna Sheehan, Perfumer and Founder

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    “Our plants and flowers are grown on our farm in one of the most beautiful, rich soil, sun-drenched lands on earth –– Ojai, California. After harvesting and dark drying our petals, leaves and roots, these whole botanicals are rendered in our proprietary slow heat extraction™ method yielding a full spectrum, potent botanical medicinal and aromatic profile. These Virgin Bloom extracts are enshrined in a supportive, harmonious blend of nut, seed and essential oils to allow for superior nourishment and penetration. The potency and aromatic character of each is absolutely unique to Ojai Wild. A literal healing field of blooms are released into your skin”.

    Janna Sheehan, Perfumer and Founder

    Ojai Wild is the seductive scent of the California landscape.

    Ojai Wild is the fresh, pure extract of botanicals, resins and woods sourced by hand in California and extracted through a 17th–Century tincture process. Whether ethically-harvested or grown on our farm in the Ojai Valley, the plants are crushed, pressed and soaked, releasing the unadulterated and undiluted bloom.

    And that’s it.

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