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Chamomile Flowers Fragrance

Chamomile Flowers Fragrance


Botanical Cologne
30 ml/ 1 oz

floral, balsamic and graceful
CHAMOMILE FLOWERS, is an basalmic balance of green, sweet and floral. A glaze of grapefruit and cognac overtones mingle with the floral, balsamic, wood notes of Indian Champaca flower, Linden blossom, Tonka bean, Australian sandalwood, Bigarade Neroli and Salvia apiana Sage – in a gorgeous backdrop of our farm fresh, Ojai grown, Chamomile flower extract.


This cologne is complex but ephemeral, made with 1000's of flowers and their aromatic heart.



  • Etched glass bottle
  • Bottle made in France
  • Custom handmade, reclaimed wood over cap
  • Spray atomizer
  • Bottle Capacity: 30 ml/ 1 oz
  • Bottle height: 3.75"
  • Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight
  • Spray Botanical Cologne directly on skin –– not on clothes. This is a natural plant material and may stain.

Chamomile Flowers box features a hand painted ‘Godseye’ image stain, which depicts its vibratory fragrance profile.

Spray Chamomile Flowers three times across your body and neck and engulf yourself in the Flower Buzz grown in the lands of the Ojai Valley, CA.

organic alcohol denat (sda 38-b)
aqua (water)
botanical extractum (botanical extract)
essentialis olea (essential oils)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Joseph Colbourne
An agrestic, intimate beauty

I am fastidious when it comes to natural perfumery. It just so happens that when I started exploring fragrance composition, I aspired to be a natural perfumer. It wasn't very long that I felt restricted by the limited palette and was challenged by the tendency for materials to collapse into each other, resulting in muddled, confusing concoctions that did not resemble perfumery. I felt more at home with "mixed media."

Be that as it may, while I find most natural perfumery leaves much to be desired, there are of course those whose works are quite impressive and compelling, such as Mandy Aftel and Dawn Spencer Hurwitz. There is also the work of Janna Sheehan of Ojai Wild, who seems to illuminate the most favorable qualities of natural botanical materials (many of which are locally sourced by the brand), having developed the skill in having them cooperate, rather than work against each other, on the olfactory canvas.

One such example is the stirring beauty of Chamomile Flowers, which takes the note of chamomile, built around an extract of chamomile flower grown on site, and fleshes it out with grapefruit,and cognac oils, champaca, linden blossom absolute, white sage, neroli bigarade, and Australian sandalwood. There is a hint of tonka that sweetens its drydown. The end result is the smell of peace, fit for full inhalation, with no element feeling out of place. Agrestic in nature, it appeals to my back-to-nature sensibility, where I feel most at home, away from heavy traffic and noise pollution; places for quiet contemplation and spaces for inspiration. It smells like sipping chamomile wine at sunset, with a view of asters and goldenrod in the meadow. It's easily one of my favorite natural perfumes.

Nancy Hass
writer at large, New York Times Style Magazine

"The scents are piquant and original. They're fresh yet surprisingly layered and sophisticated, which is a challenge with an all-natural palette. 


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