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Redwood Leaves Fragrance

Redwood Leaves Fragrance

Botanical Cologne
30 ml/ 1 oz

musk, leather and mysterious
combines the extract of fresh redwood leaves with notes of angelica root, blond tobacco, Organic patchouli,  and eco-harvested rosewood. 



Welcome to our Wild World™ where 1000's of flowers and their aromatic heart activate your senses through the natural world. 

  • Etched glass bottle
  • Bottle made in France
  • Custom handmade, reclaimed wood over cap
  • Spray atomizer
  • Bottle Capacity: 30 ml/ 1 oz
  • Bottle height: 3.75"
  • Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight
  • Spray Botanical Cologne directly on skin –– not on clothes. This is a natural plant material and may stain.

Each of our Botanical Cologne fragrances has a corresponding ‘Godseye’ image, which depicts its vibratory fragrance profile.

These images represent the unique language of each individual fragrance as gradients radiating from the center to the outlying edge. This visual language parallels the olfactory notes, accords and harmonies of each scent.


organic alcohol denat (sda 38-b)
aqua (water)
botanical extractum (botanical extract)
essentialis olea (essential oils)

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
SM Harvey
Redwood Leaves Cologne is Lovely

So glad I gave it a try. The Redwood Leaves Cologne from Ojai Wild is light and leafy-sweet. It goes well with my chemistry. Would definitely purchase again.


Rosewood is on the sustainability list. Why not use HoWood? It's chemistry is similar and what most have turned to in order to protect the Rosewood

Great question and thanks for expressing your concern. You are correct: howood in combination with linalool has a similar characteristic of Rosewood. We do use howood in some of our products. We also have relationships with small distillers around the globe who belong to co-ops and share materials for distillation from their back yards. Very different from corporations plowing tree forests for profit.

It’s important to support small distillers as they are the voices and example of quality and consciousness — the anthesis of what drives your concern.

The Rosewood on our ingredients list is aged (harvested) 30 years and ECO CERT petitgrain of the leaves and branches (not heartwood). When we blend the last drop, we change the formula. In the meantime we enjoy the unique marriage of notes in this Cologne and hope you do too.

My Favorite

This is maybe my favorite perfume - a delightful scent that isn't overpowering. Sometimes I wear it with Rose Love. Beautiful.

Nancy Hass
writer at large, New York Times Style Magazine

"The scents are piquant and original. They're fresh yet surprisingly layered and sophisticated, which is a challenge with an all-natural palette. 


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