Ojai Wild was created to express the unadulterated beauty of natural botanical
essences and our ever evolving values of beauty. Featured here are those who
inspire us through their insights and offerings to seek a deeper understanding of
nature and how we are all interdependent and interconnected.

Meet Katey Denno, celebrity make-up artist and the foremost authority on sustainable and natural make-up and skin care.

As society embraces authenticity as a necessary element of purchasing persuasion, women are beginning to discover that beauty is not only skin deep. Until recently, most women identified with make-up and skincare as an afterthought. The application of a beauty products were a one-dimensional pursuit with a myopic value: to maximize one’s potential topical beauty. While awareness is growing around … Read More

An interview with Dr. Carla Gervasio-Nugent, acupuncturist, herbalist , Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

There are few people that come into our world in perfect serendipity. Dr. Carla Gervasio-Nugent is one of those people.  She is credentialed and accomplished as a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and a member of the esteemed International TCM Dermatology Association. Her  expertise in these fields is the bedrock support of her innate emotional depth, … Read More

An Interview with Shawn Fulbright Ojai Wild’s Aromatic’s Farmer

We wouldn’t be so fluidly connected with nature without the people who inspire us –– the fellow creators, makers and influencers that plant and sew the seeds, bringing Ojai Wild to life. Meet Shawn –– she is the hands, heart and brilliant mind behind the aromatic botanicals that infuse our body oils, candles, and beloved colognes. Her life has been … Read More

An interview with LA astrologer Parker McPhinney

As we look to the stars with wonderment it’s impossible not to be mesmerized by the entire sky of constellations above us. Now, as the Jupiter-Saturn great conjunct is in motion, set to tee off just hours after the Winter Solstice on Monday December 21, 2020, we check in with our favorite California astrologer Parker McPhinney to celebrate her views on nature and the energies of our vivid collective, universal life.