Elle Magazine Features Ojai Wild Chamomile Flowers in their November Beauty Picks.

Scent, skincare, and makeup, all inspired by Mother Nature.

Andie the Green Queen reviews the Ojai Wild Colognes and Body Oils

She is an exceptional perfumer – I would wear all of her perfumes! Juniper is one of those scents that I just go crazy over, it’s just very uplifting, and Redwood Leaves is one of my favorite scents, its earthy, mysterious and woodsy. Her new body oils can be used in conjunction with her colognes, and they are absolutely beautiful … Read More

Green Beauty Trish reviews the pink peppercorn & white sage body oil

Even those these are body oils I am incorporating them into this perfume review because the scents are just fantastic, they feel like perfume to me, and they layer really well with the colognes. I really appreciate the fact that the white sage is organic and home grown on their own land, so they are not contributing to the risk … Read More

Andie the Green Queen reviews the Redwood Leaves Cologne

“I am just absolutely in love with this, if you love the scent of the woods or trees, literally that is what it smells like. Her packaging for her full size is beyond stunning, I really enjoy following her on instagram as well. All of her perfumes smell lovely, this is my favorite and I’ve been wearing it all the … Read More

Fragrance 101: The Guide You Need for Picking the Perfect Scent

There’s something incredibly personal and powerful about fragrance. Scent has the power to evoke memories and feelings in a way that our other senses can’t. (Plus, in this writer’s opinion, there’s no better compliment than being told that you smell amazing.) That said, because scent is so intimate, it can be difficult to choose a fragrance. And that’s where this breakdown … Read More

Comforting Fragrances for Cold Winter Days

Warm scents, infused with edible ingredients like tea and rum, provide a respite from arctic temperatures. When it’s dark and chilly in her hometown, Geneva, the fragrance entrepreneur Clara Molloy pours herself a cup of fresh hot chocolate, curls up with a book and applies a tonka-bean-laced fragrance. “It makes me feel warm,” she says of the wintry ritual. As … Read More

A Moment with Ojai Wild

Janna Sheehan finds beauty both in dissonance and method. For this natural perfumer (with the heart of a poet), scent has always represented more than simply a nice aroma. Even from childhood, she felt the strong pull of emotion present in its olfactory layers. It was after moving to Ojai Valley in California’s Central Coast during the 90s, and becoming … Read More

Products for Transition into Fall

Danielle at Cruelty Free Vegan Beauty reviews the Chamomile Flowers Archival Fragrance. “Ojai Wild colognes are the most natural in terms of ingredients and scents that you are going to get in the fragrance space. Chamomile flowers is really beautiful and sweet, smells so of nature. They smell like what they are supposed to be, because they use such pure … Read More


Green Beauty Trish reviews the Chamomile Flowers Archival Fragrance. “ I find this to be almost the perfect autumnal perfume, it’s definitely floral, but I think it leans more on the aromatic resinous side, but because it has the floral essences as well it is really well balanced.  It is just gorgeous. What is really special about the chamomile flowers and all … Read More

Natural Non Toxic Fragrances and Perfume | Clean Scents in Green Beauty!

Mikaela South reviews the Pink Peppercorn Fragrance. “ To me this fragrance is sort of my mother nature connected to the earth type of fragrance. Pink Peppercorn is sort of a floral, spicy, evocative fragrance. When you spray these you immediately feel the effects of that natural fragrance – that’s the power of the plants. When we use these powerful plant … Read More

Fall Favorites / Green + Eco Beauty

Green Beauty Trish reviews the Juniper Berry Cologne. “The smell is just very aromatic and herbal, but very unique. Ojai is in a very warm climate so you get that feeling of sun soaked essences that feel very vibrant and very alive, and you definitely get that outdoorsy feeling with it. “

How Janna Sheehan Creates Experiential Fragrances

Ojai Wild founder captures California in a bottle with all-natural ingredients Written by James Manso “What I’m doing requires a certain amount of restraint,” Janna Sheehan, the founder of Ojai Wild says. What Sheehan does is create fragrances from all-natural plant essences inspired by Ojai Valley, where she’s based. Her craft isn’t as simple as creating oil blends or picking botanical essences to include, which … Read More

Scents of Summer

Ojai Wild White Sage Leaves – This natural fragrance blends raw botanicals, resins, and woods sourced by hand throughout California – including the fertile Ojai Valley, where the company has a farm. The unisex scent is herbal and earthy, with notes of guaiac wood, jasmine, and white sage leaves.  

Male Order

In the market for a scent that’s heady, rich, and downright dudelike? Look no further than across the aisle, next to the beard oil. Ojai Wild Redwood Leaves – is that a burly, musky lumberjack ensconced in the woods of Big Sur, or is it you in line at the DMV?

Fragrance Foundation – Plant Life

Using her background in art and perfumery, Janna Sheehan launched Ojai Wild to pay homage to the landscapes and natural materials of California’s Ojai Valley. “Its a very artistic process for me”, said Sheehan, who is a painter, printmaker and perfumer. “The objective is to revere the essence and raw aspect of the botanicals and give the fragrances context like … Read More


  A spritz of Ojai Wild’s White Sagebrush eau de cologne immediately conjures the earthy, perfumed heaven of the Southern California hamlet. A small town brimming with wisteria, orange groves, eucalyptus, and rosemary, if there was ever a place to settle down and make perfume, Ojai is it. Perfumer Janna Sheehan moved to the Ojai Valley in the 1990s and found immediate … Read More

Meet Janna Sheehan –– Scent Alchemist

The last time I was in Ojai I discovered a shop called deKor&Co. and there found an Eau de Cologne brand called OJAI WILD that I fell in love with. Their packaging is of course divine, with it’s wooden cap and beautiful frosted glass bottle… But most impressive was how the scents literally pulled me into the poetry of each … Read More

The Scent of Style –– Artisanal Perfumer Janna Sheehan Captures Ojai In A Bottle

Artisanal perfumer Janna Sheehan creates olfactive elegance with Ojai Wild “They’re a real chi changer.” Janna Sheehan is speaking about the power of the fragrances she creates. The local artisan perfumer is the creator of Ojai Wild, “fresh, pure extract of botanicals, resins and woods sourced by hand in California.” “They’re not meant to overpower a room,” says Sheehan. “They’re … Read More

Janna Sheehan Of Ojai Wild

The story of how Janna Sheehan got her start as a master of scents is undeniably unconventional. After a serendipitous meeting with Tricia Petersen, an Ojai local and renowned perfumer, Janna worked with her for two years, creating hundreds of fragrances and learning first-hand about how to blend and compose. Working as a painter and printmaker prior to that, Janna’s passions culminated … Read More

Ojai Wild And The Allure Of California In Scents

Janna Sheehan captures California in a bottle. The artisan perfumer’s new brand Ojai Wild revolves around pure botanicals sourced from her home state that are extracted for scents using a 17th-century tincture process, and blended with essential oils and absolutes. Its first four eau de colognes, Pink Peppercorn, Redwood Leaves, White Sage Leaves and Juniper Berry, have landed at the stores Shen … Read More

Meet The Beauty Industry’s Newest Hyphenates: Founder-Farmers

Another founder-farmer, Ojai Wild‘s Janna Sheehan, seeds the soil in a 1.5-acre plot she leases at the Red Tail Ranch in Ojai, Calif., with white sage, marshmallow root, German chamomile, vetiver, pink peppercorn, lemongrass, helichrysum and roses for fragrances. “I don’t want to wild harvest anything. I don’t feel that’s an ethical way to source plant materials for what we are doing, … Read More


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We Love… Fragrance designer Janna Sheehan’s OJAI WILD. The launch of the line starts with four fragrances (from $12) earthy Juniper Berry, spicy Pink Peppercorn, musky Redwood Leaves and elegant White Sage Leaves.     


12 Of The Very Best Products We Found At The Indie Beauty Expo

These are the products you’ll be obsessed with in 2017 By Michelle Pellizzon Redwood Leaves Scent, Ojai Wild Ojai Wild’s booth was tucked away in a little corner of the IBE showroom floor—but the gorgeous merchandising and packaging caught my eye at the every end of my three-hour exploration. I’m glad I stopped by—the Redwood Leaves scent, which is made … Read More