Janna SheehanAfter moving in the 90’s to the Ojai Valley of California’s Central Coast, Janna Sheehan was inspired by the region’s distinct landscape of chaparral, oak trees, wildflowers and citrus orchards. She developed an intimate relationship with this environment – and, in particular, its smells. Her olfactory connection to Ojai inspired her to give back to the land that had renewed her creative spirit with her first handcrafted line of fragrances: Trance Essence.

Over the years, Sheehan acquired a deep knowledge of the raw materials used in the art of perfumery, as well as a keen understanding of aromatic balance. She strives to create artisanal, distinct fragrances, skin care and aromatic alchemy for the home, that honor one’s uniqueness. Designed with a dual purpose, each creation offers a psychic reset as well as a totally natural, sensual aromatic experience.  Sheehan’s scent constructions open up the potential to renew and rediscover a relationship to your own body, mind and desires.

Today, Janna designs unique fragrances in her Ojai-based perfume studio and distillery as well as collaborating on unique fragrance projects in the fashion and art world. Sheehan’s collection of fragrances, skin care and aromatic  incense products for the home, embody all that Ojai has to offer.