Ojai Wild is California sourced and crafted

Alongside organic botanicals and roots from our farm in the Ojai Valley, our hand-gathered materials are ethically sourced from trees, shrubs and fields grown on established estates and ranches all around California. These raw materials are then extracted and poured into glass containers. Each cologne is composed of the raw botanical extract married with a harmonious blend of essential oils and absolutes—some of which are aged up to 35 years.

It’s the scent your body produces that we are interested in — your vibrant and pure essence

Rather than mask your scent, unleash it. Ojai Wild colognes pair with your own individual scent, allowing you to explore the most pure, most authentic version of your own essence.

Ojai, the Valley of the Moon

California is a brand unto itself. It has always attracted free-wheelers, free-thinkers and freedom seekers. They are drawn to its untethered creativity and connection to nature. Our namesake is taken from Ojai CA –– ”valley of the moon,” a microcosm of this California flavor.

The Ojai valley is renowned for cradling the creative. It has historically been a magnet for spiritualists, farmers, foodies and healers as well as those who seek an authentic connection to the self through nature. Here, art is personified and it is what forces us to differentiate between what is noise and what is truth.

Ojai Wild is the artistic alchemical result of this energetic spark. It is an inspired raw fragrance collection embodying the force of nature’s essence through botanical extractions.